Increase Your Sperm Count and Have a Baby Soon

Hot girl wants more cumJust imagine, your wife wants to be pregnant and hir sperm count is too low to impregnate her. Would not you say that you are going to cut an exceptionally sad figure before your partner? This situation can create a gap between you and your beloved wife. For your wife to conceive, she needs a decent quality sperm that can fertilize her egg. All you need is some simple guidelines on the most effective methods to increase your sperm count.

1. General health

Maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle is important to overcome the problems related to the identification of sperm count. Following a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking and drinking liquor, eating clusters of soil products and proteins is useful. Direct your hormone level to maintain a strategic distance from stress by exercising. Maintain a healthy weight to maintain a tight hormone level. Chronic diseases and pollution can also ruin the quality of your sperm. Therefore, be sure to take proper care of your health. In case you are recovering from an illness, be sure to rest properly in order to properly recover your lost health.

2. Use natural semen enhancers

There are high-quality common semen volume enhancers that can radically increase your semen volume and sperm count. The best quality ones are full of essential herbs that increase your semen, as well as increase the regular creation of testosterone, which increases semen. The fixings are protected and no recipe is needed. It is not surprising that many men are satisfied with them. Ensuring the essential vitamins and minerals in your feeding routine is important. So include lots of vitamin C, E, zinc, and omega-3 in your diet. Also, know how 90% of the semen is made of water. Then, to nourish it, you must drink bunches of water to hydrate.

3. Get regular exercise

While you should stay away from the fiery training projects, regular and direct exercise helps you maintain a healthy body weight, helps you manage stress and gives you a healthier overall body, according to Paco Penne from The Adonis Alpha. As sterility and life together can be stressful, learn to relax. Stress is sometimes in charge of infertility problems convinced, for example, hormonal problems. Increasing your sexual movement is also essential will also increase your sperm level. This will help increase your testosterone level. Suspending your discharge for around 36 hours will help the creation of your sperm to a large discharge. The use of these ingredients will be useful to adequately increase the sperm count.


Sperm count is an important factor in all aspects of life, so if you really want to solve this problem just watch the video above. The increase in sperm count releases a strong sexual presence for a man and is also extremely useful to consider or multiply. The common reason for infertility is the low sperm count and the vast majority of couples were caught with this problem. Without a doubt, you can get rid of the low count in the possibility that you fully understand what causes it and what are the fundamental things you must do, keeping in mind the ultimate goal to increase your count. These are simple things like the ones specified above, that you can perform independently of any person safely in your home and without advising any doctor or specialist and without costing you a lot of money.

Decoding an Adonis Alpha Man

Merriam Webster defines an alpha male as the “dominant male”. While we are in 2017, why leave out the Urban Dictionary. So the Urban Dictionary defines an alpha male as a “male lion who claims sexual rights to all female lions”. Alpha also happens to be the first Greek letter. Sociologists studying gorillas assign the term “alpha male” to male silverbacks who dominate food supplies, grooming privileges and copulating rights. The general drift is the fact that alpha males – whether they are lions, wolves, silverback gorillas or human being – are leader of the pack. They lead from the front and lay claim to whatever they fancy. And when they fancy something, they have to have it. No other male in the near vicinity will have the chance to claim that “thing” that the alpha male fancies. In the animal kingdom, brute force is applied by the alpha male to claim what he fancies. Whereas a man, an alpha man, will be slightly more subtle in his approach.

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While a chiselled out body is not a must to be an Adonis Alpha Man, it won’t hurt if you really do have a gym toned body. After all, you have to live up to the image of Adonis. Do a Google image search of Adonis and you will get the drift. Hardware aside, dear ladies, the key characteristic of an alpha male that you are dealing with here is termed as Values. An alpha male will always always (yes two ‘always’) stick to his principles and values. Even if that means that he has to take a hit on his success ratio. Means are equally important for him to justify the end. He will not only fight for what he believes is right but he is the one who will step up to defend the weak.

A well read man, but not a geek, an alpha male can discuss any topic under the sun. He will have an opinion and that opinion will be grounded and well entrenched in his values. And rest assured, he would have experienced plenty of adventures in his life time to have a trove of stories to regale you on a rainy night.

In their work life, they are naturally successful. They do not work for results, they work for a much higher cause – the cause of leaving something behind. A Legacy? Most definitely.

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And lets not forget the sense of humour. So so important and is right there on top of the list of most women who have a list of characteristics they look for in a man. He will not only be funny but will be damn good at the self-deprecating humour which is so delicious to find in a man. It implies that he is not a stuck up <insert expletive>.

Respecting women will be second nature to him. Women will feel secure in his presence and certainly won’t feel threatened. His style quotient will be up there and you can expect him to be up to date in his fashion sense. Other men will try and emulate him but can never come close his persona.

5 Powerful Techniques On How to Finger a Girl and Make Her Squirt

masturbation-465577_640Do you wish for your girl to get an extraordinary orgasm? Do you wish for her to get an experience that will blow her minds away, do you wish to see her ejaculate and leave her speechless? Well, you can make this happen. This article will give you tips that will help you give a woman a squirting orgasm using your fingers that she will never forget. Read on for more!

Note: Even though some can squirt via other sexual plays like penile penetration and breast sucking, fingering still remains to be the best method to make her scream out of pleasure. This is why in this article we will focus on fingering a woman.

Foreplay is Crucial

To stimulate her sex mood with the use of your fingers, you need to focus on finding her G-spot. However, this does not mean that once you get your woman to bed you should head straight to the G-spot. No! You need to first have some foreplay such as licking her clitoris and caressing her clitoris gently with your fingers and she will surely scream and wish for you to penetrate.

Make Sure She is Wet

You cannot put your fingers inside if she is not lubricated. Women take long to be aroused and if the first step did not wet her vagina, it is advisable to use a lubricator or your saliva. Rub the clitoris gently until she is wet. More foreplay such as kissing or teasing her as you rub her private part will stimulate her even more and she will soon be in the mood for pleasure.

Inserting Your Fingers to Find Her G-spot

Once she is moist down there, you can now enter her. Insert your two fingers to find her G-spot. Inside your woman’s vagina an about an inch deeper you will feel a soft ball made of skin, that is the G-spot. Just continue thrashing the area with pressure. You will the area becoming a little bit solid. Continue as she will enjoy it more.

Use Your Finger Effectively

Once you find the G-spot, you can stimulate her by thrashing 1 or 2 fingers in an in-out motion out as this will give her more pleasure. You can also move the fingers in a motion known as “come here” as with this it will be possible to flick her most sensitive part from time to time. Another effective way of fingering a woman is by tilting the fingers in a circular motion, making sure you hit her every inch. All of these techniques will do wonders.

Use Both Hands

If you wish to see her scream with pleasure even more, as you finger her, you can use the remaining hand to caress the area between her pubic mound and the navel. This way you will give her an all round shattering orgasm. After all this, she will attain full orgasm and she might also ejaculate. Therefore, be ready to be greeted by a light gushing liquid or areal drenching spray.

Obviously, every man wishes to be capable of making a woman shout all sorts of words. This is because a man’s ego goes up once he manages to offer a wonderful sex experience to his woman. Well, just make good use of the above tips and you will definitely become a guru in bed!

Exercises to Shoot Your Cum Far

sperm-956480_640You have most likely heard about the PC muscle. It is the same muscle that you would use to prevent yourself from urinating. This muscle likewise controls the force of your cum shot. What’s more, using kegel exercises will help you build your sperm number, and help with any untimely discharge issue you may have. The advantage of doing this exercise is that you can do it undetected, and do it anyplace. Nobody will know when you are working it out.

Really, on the off chance that you do it on occasion when you are in various positions, it’s better since you will prepare that muscle to work from all diverse sexual points. In this way, do it while you are sitting, or standing, extending or notwithstanding when you’re strolling. Most specialists on kegel recommend doing the accompanying exercises:

Flutter the PC Muscle

With this exercise, what you need to do is to quickly contract and afterward unwind your PC muscle as quick as you can for whatever length of time that you can. At that point stop and rest for thirty seconds, and after that attempt it once more. This will help you to pick up control over your PC muscle, and help you to pick up continuance. Do this for the initial couple of weeks. Attempt to work up to doing it for an entire moment, three to four times each prior day you proceed onward to the following exercise. At initially, you will most likely just have the capacity to do it for five to ten seconds. When you pick up control of this muscle, you can stop untimely discharge in its tracks by contracting it.

Flex and Hold the PC Muscle

Flexing and holding your PC muscle will make it a great deal more grounded and when you have a more grounded PC muscle, you will have the capacity to shoot your cum more remote than some time recently, and if you want to find out more then this article has all you need. It likewise fortifies semen creation, however its fundamental advantage is in having the capacity to shoot similarly as you can. When you do this exercise, flex and hold your PC muscle for whatever length of time that you can. At to start with, you may just have the capacity to hold it for a few moments. Attempt to work the time up to an entire ten seconds, with full compel. Do this three to four times a day. In the long run, you can to hold it for one entire moment and do it a few times each day or at whatever point conceivable.

Flex, Hold, Release, and Repeat

This is a mix of the other two exercises, only that you don’t ripple the PC muscle rather, you hold it for two to five seconds and discharge it for two to three seconds. Attempt to do it for three to five minutes. When you get more grounded, attempt it for much more. After a great deal of practice, you may have the capacity to do it for up to twenty minutes or thereabouts. You just need to do this exercise once per day since it’s such a decent workout for your PC muscle.

Enjoy Sex to the Fullest with a Big and Hard Dick

big-cock-1238713_640The one thing that keeps repeating itself in a very rejuvenating and recreating manner is sex and the different ways of experiencing it. If you want to spice up your sex life with a little more of fun and excitement then you must work at making your penis the exact size that will give maximum satisfaction to your partner. Women all over the world crave for a dick that is big, hard and strong. If your dick has all these traits then that is great. However, if you have a dick that is thin and small, here are some good news for you. You can grow your dick to the perfect size of your choice simply by following a few exercises you need to practice on a regular basis. By following the exercises for a couple of months, you will get to experience bigger, stronger and more gratifying erections which will add spice to your sex life.

Stretching the Dick 

The best and most effective way in which you can increase the length of your dick is by simply stretching your penis by following five simple steps. First, you have to firmly hold the head region of your phallus in such a way that you do not cut off the blood circulation and neither do you feel any degree of discomfort. Next, you have to stretch it to its maximum length so that you experience the stretch without feeling pain. You then need to hold your penis in that position for ten to thirty seconds. Take rest in-between and repeat the same exercise for five to ten minutes daily.

The Backward Method 

This is the most awesome and effective way to increase the size of your dick. All you need to do in this method is to use your thumb to pull the skin of your dick in a backward motion. You will receive the required support from your other fingers. Be firm and hold this position for ten seconds. Take a break and repeat the steps for up to five minutes on a daily basis.

The Opposite Pull

This is an exercise that guarantees an increase of the penis even though this exercise is a little difficult compared to the others. You have to firmly hold the tip of your phallus with your right hand. You need to place your left hand at the base of your penis. You need to pull both your hands in opposite directions for ten seconds at a time. You have to experience the feeling of stretch. You can take rest and repeat the same procedure for five minutes every day.

Now that you have become aware of the best exercises to build a big dick you can practice the exercises in a meticulous way so that you have a penis which is perfect in shape and size and provides maximum satisfaction to your partner and yourself while love making. If you practice these exercises then you do not have to bother about taking medicines and pills that come with many side effects. These exercises are natural and if practiced effectively they give the best results in a very short span of time. So, if you are keen on adding some more fun and frolic to your sex life you should make it a routine and follow these exercises on a regular basis and benefit the most out of them.

The Best Way to Please a Girl Through Oral

oral-sex-358765_640Women like oral sex more than they’d like to admit, and a good number of them don’t know how to ask for it all the same. Oral sex is regarded as an appetizer before the major event in the sex-community, since it gets your woman all fired up, and once it is given in the right way, you can be sure to have a memorable time in the sack afterwards. Here is the problem though, a lot of you guys do not know how to give a good oral treatment, so to speak, thus depriving your girl of a chance at pleasures beyond her wildest dreams. However, oral isn’t just good and immensely pleasurable for her, but it also holds a couple of health benefits too. So, if you want her to regard you as her god, and wish to spice things up once the main event sets in, learn the best way of pleasing your girl through oral.

Here is How You Do It

First things first, you have to understand the needs of your woman before you get to the part of actually pleasing her. Communicate, and learn what makes her tick, and what doesn’t. Only then can you fully get her revving. A practical trial and error could get you started, and point you in the right direction. Something else to note is that, you need to take your time with your girl; do not rush into it. As the saying goes, all good things take time, and the best way to please your girl through oral is to start slow and build up gradually. Kiss her lips, neck, nipples, belly, and slowly make your way in between those thighs.

Furthermore, remember the weakness of every woman lies in the sense of touch, more so the touch of the tongue, which is soft in just the right way. This will drive her mad and stir her feelings the more. Lick her clitoris using two variations of the tongue shape, i.e. use the tip for a more accurate touch, and alternate it with the soft touch of the flat part of your tongue. In either case, do not stiffen it; let it relax. You can move your tongue in an up and down motion, or the side-to-side technique. However, if you are committed, you can use both interchangeably. Remember to keep it soft and wet enough as you practice all these techniques. That’s how to do it like a pro.

To add a little creativity to the mix, use your hands and do some exploring all over your girl’s body. If not caressing her boobs and her thighs, then use the fingers to penetrate her slowly and gently. Get deeper and touch her G-spot for a more intense stimulation. That is sure enough to get her begging for more. Another way to spice things up a bit more, is to make use of other various positions. Variety is paramount. It allows you to access different parts that are sensitive making her experience more pleasure.

The Benefits of Oral Sex

Oral sex is immensely relaxing, and in a variety of ways it heals your girl and leaves her active for a good amount of time. It lowers her blood pressure, enhances the control over her bladder, boosts her libido, maintains a strong immune system, and it also counts as an exercise. The next time you are naked under the sheets, put these points into practice and earn her respect.

Top 6 Foods That Will Increase Your Sperm Volume

semen-volume-session-1206796_640Although the subject of semen and sperm might be offensive/disturbing to some people, the fact is that a bunch of men want to shoot a bigger load. This might be due to wanting to increase the chances of having a baby or wanting to have better orgasms or even simply because of pride. Whatever it might be it’s simply something many men want.

Before we jump into ways you increase your sperm volume and shoot a bigger load, let’s talk about reasons why you can’t right now.

1# Lifestyle Decisions: A man’s overall health plays a huge role when it comes to the production of his semen. Men who smoke, suffer from stress, have some sort of sickness (diabetes for example) etc. usually have a harder time producing semen.

2# Genetics: As we all know genes define a human being’s characteristics which means that we’re bound to our own genetics. So, if someone or some people in your family suffered from the same issue so might you. But no worries, you can still maximize your potential.

3# AGE: Many men who reach old age become disappointed when things don’t work as they used to and believe therefore that something’s wrong with their bodies. But the truth is that it is totally natural for a man’s semen volume to decrease because of age. But as mentioned above you can still maximize your potential.

So, how can you substantially increase your sperm volume? Well, by simply eating correctly. Here are the top 6 foods that will increase you sperm volume and help you do your best.

6. Garlic: Garlic is one of the most common foods in the world and has been around for centuries. Due to the fact that garlic has vitamin B6 among (other properties), it is a well-known sperm booster.

5. Carrots: Fruits and vegetables are essential. To remain healthy you need to consume a bunch of them because they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that are very important for the body. Carrots, in particular, contain vitamin A which is an important nutrient for increasing sperm production.

4. Dark Chocolate: This might be a bit unexpected to some but it’s true, dark chocolate increases sperm volume. Why? Well, because dark chocolate contains an amino acid called L-Arginine which is known to increase sperm production.

3. Broccoli: As a child, you probably disliked this vegetable and you most likely always refused to eat it. Well, now this vegetable might be more useful to you than you might think. Broccoli is full of folic acid which is also known as vitamin B9. Studies have proved that vitamin B9 can increase sperm count by as much as 70%.

2. Asparagus: Like many other green veggies asparagus contains many vitamins but the one that we all are seeking for is vitamin C which has a wide range of positive effects on sperm. The positive effect allows sperm to increase a lot.

1. Eggs: When someone searches for foods that’ll increase sperm volume the first thing that always pops up is eggs. Eggs are incredibly enriched with different vitamins and proteins that can increase sperm count. Eggs are specifically high in vitamin E.

In conclusion, the truth is that many men want to increase their sperm volume for many different reasons. There’s nothing wrong with that but make sure that you remain healthy and continue to believe and admire yourself.